Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bill Rudin, Amanda Burden How About another Park next to AIDS Park for all those dying because St. Vincent's is closed?

Amanda the People's Burden never met a zoning deal she did not approve for her rich friends at the expense of the community.  What good is an AIDS park when we don't have a full service hospital.  We will need a park next to the AIDS park for all the people that died because Amanda Burden did not give us zoning protection for St. Vincent's so only a hospital could be built there.  Bill Rudin's luxury condos can't do CPR.  Rudin is offering a Duane Reade with 2 cots as compensation for his, the People's Burden Amanda, Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer's greed and stupidity.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Christine Quinn Dr Martin Luther King Jane Jacobs: One is A Fraud Who Wa...

Jim Fouratt MLK Vigil Turns Into 911 Emergency 120 W St. Rudin Lux Condos

Thanks to our rescue workers -- the EMS, FDNY and NYPD showed up....

This man not with the protest just passed out in front of what was St. Vincent’s!

Man no W/MLK Candle Light Protest Passes out in front of St. Vincent’s!

No Rudin Security to be seen when we need an ambulance. They went took the man to Beth Israel. he is going to be okay.   Usual Rudin Security harasses us at protests in silly petty ways but tonight no security to be seen.

The man that passed out with not with us protesting....haunting....

Rudin MLK Day St. Vincent's Protest

Short protest video outside St. Vincent's.

Come to our 7 pm vigil outside 120 West 12th Street tonight.

MLK Day Bill Rudin Family Shamed Dream a Hospital A Full Service Hospital

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bill Rudin, Madeline R. Johnson, Eric Rudin, Katherine Rudin Bill Rudin Bought Christine Quinn So You Don’t have a full service hospital

Christine Quinn leads in “bundled campaign donations”  -- here is an example -- let us say you are a corrupt community crushing greedy developer like Bill and Eric get as many family members, friends and employees puppets included to donate to Christine Quinn who sold out her own district...

Quinn’s message to her own district from babies to grannies, to NYPD to FDNY and EMS is drop dead!

Ditto for  bundling and corrupt creepy donations to Bloomberg’s mini-me starting withWall Street greed who give her wall street bail out money -- hint -- Quinn but Tony Simone from Goldman Sachs on her NYC gov payroll as a community liason -- what part of community is calling up wall street pals asking for donations...sure hope Tony doesn’t do that on NYC gov because if he did it is illegal.

For now Christine Quinn has unofficial immunity from the US Attorney and Manhattan DA -- look at her slow fund abuse and use of slush abuse and intimidation but one day we may have real US Attorney and a DA that apply the law and Quinn will serve a term in jail.

Rudin Greed Stupidity Sam May Rudin Turning Over in Grave

emailed city planning re: their corrupt vile commissioner that regularly rules in favor of rich greedy stupid people destroying what is best for the People for her greedy pals. Amanda has a 40 million dollar trust fund for her kids and was born with a platinum spoon in her mouth... She married and divorced Steve Ross which fattened massive bank account emaciated plastic surgerized evil witch who along with Mike Bloomberg and NYU Rudin hit man Mitchell manure shoveler Moss (on payroll-major ass) have disdain and hatred for
the poor and middle classes.

email to NYC gov:
Amanda the People’s Burden a heartless shrew that always rules in favor of her rich friends.   (earlier youtube from today dedicated to The People’s Burden) Today I opened up an investigation with DOI to how DOB could give your greedy fellow stupid pal Bill Rudin permission to start demolition when you a corrupt oligarch in your own mine hasn’t rule on zoning. You won’t do what is the right action for the People which is zoning for protection. G-d will punish you.