Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rudin Family Christine Quinn Amanda Burden Bloomberg Anti Democracy 250 Broadway Testimony Community Shut Out!!! Christine Quinn does it again - she did it with NYU and The Villager when they sponsored the debate between opponents for city council seat and the NYPD were very good - DI Caroli 6th Precinct but NYU's private security evil all caught on video. This YouTube watch community members from Quinn's district chant let us in after standing in freezing cold some up to 4 hours yesterday morning -- and one 75 year old man passed out.

DI Winski was good NYPD were respectful and an NYPD officer called 911 for us but there were an awful lot. Rudin and his payrolled MD who is scum and retired NYPD cop now Rudin cop who wants me arrested but thankfully the 6th Precinct -- new commander DI Delpozo understand 1st Amendment but as usual Rudin ex St V MD and retired cop enjoy Rudin privileges and sailed in as elderly and frail long term community members froze and Christine Quinn clearly send a message to her unhappy district members -- drop dead!!! And some almost did but hear them roar!!!! Reminder Amanda the People's Burden the most evil city planner commissioner ever could have giving St Vincent's protective zoning for a hospital and as ususal the socialite mega millionaire ruled in favor of her greedy stupid pals!!! My point the fix was in.

Rewind NYU The Villager Christine Quinn Illusion of Democracy

Bloomberg did this with term limits stacking City Hall with people on his payroll and folks that get money from his charity when it came to 3rd term testimony and reminder John Sexton NYU ran down to testify Mike must have third term  -- gee wonder why?