Sunday, July 22, 2012

NYC Terrorist Act 2012 Christine Quinn Public Execution?

If there is terrorist attack in NYC this year 2012 and there is a blood bath and no Trauma Level 1 Hospital like St. Vincent's which actually had the facilities to cope with the wounded from terrorist attacks expect The People of NYC to call for everything but a public execution of Christine Quinn.

How grossly over paid celebrities paid obscene amounts of money to play dress up could not fathom we need a trauma level 1 hospital, we needs hospitals more than banks, we needed protective zoning for a hospital and only one City Council member didn't sell us out Charles Barron who always tends to vote in favor of The People of NYC over greedy community crushing development.

How could Rosie O'Donnell a mother buy an 8 million condos were a hospital was.  Well she hear the cries of the Ghosts of St. Vincent's?

What if there is a terrorist attack this year....The last 2 downtown were 12 years apart and we also have Presidental election this year how ever much a farce so it could happen and Christine Quinn took kick backs from the Rudin Family who inherited a fortune from their grand parents who would NEVER ever have approved this corrupt land grab.

Note Cy Vance won't prosecute the St. Vincent's crooks.

Why?  Afraid of the wrath of Howard Rubenstein?   Afraid to bring attention to the Rudin acquisition.

If we have a terror attack or any kind of tragedy this year and no St. Vincent's nothing in Quinn's very own district expect Christine Quinn to deal with a kind of wrath she has yet to face!

And the Rudin Family, Rosie O'Donnel, Tom Hanks, Rob Reiner and all those misguided fools who didn't use their brains -- confusing her with a feminist icon which would be laughable if it was so horrible false.

Christine Quinn is one thing only and that is ambitious and she has sold out the People of this great city.  In this video Squad 18 passes us and I ask her what are we going to do if there is a terror attack.

She doesn't have an answer.  She is such a coward I caught her sneaking out the back door past the large garbage dumpster.  I had been jogging back and forth repeatedly from the front of the school to the back to catch her and I did.